A former performing artist, choreographer and director, Lukas is an avid visual storyteller. During his time in Europe, he acquired a Master’s Degree in Creation which led to establishing Creativiva, a worldwide operating entertainment creation company. Each show is uniquely created and produced at its international headquarters in Toronto, where Lukas brings his artistic vision to life. You will find his signature on dazzling multi-genre productions from urban operas, 360 degree theatricals, to multi-genre fusions in theatres and arenas.

His most recent work includes Illuminite, a 360 Degree Theatrical Experience with 20,000 spectators, Unity – 150th Anniversary of Canada with 15,000 spectators, and Dolce Vita, a Theatrical Extravaganza. With almost 15 years of experience, he also has a strong background in consulting and advising governments, tourism boards, major retailers and businesses. He has applied his unique creative approach to unforgettable theatricals, open air shows, ceremonies, exhibitions, special and annual events to over 100 clients globally



Creative Ideation

Show Production

Stage Direction



“No artistic discipline I bring to a production – be it acting, acrobatics, dance, projections, puppetry, lighting, sound design, sets, costumes and so on – exists independently of the others. Each is a note, an orchestral instrument, and I’m constantly seeking ways to merge them together to create a captivating harmony.”